Polchem R&D laboratories, covering the period furniture in the process in order to offer new solutions to their customers continually patina, antique effects and special effect works on systems of protection. Our team is our users, receive better results with the goal of providing the leading furniture manufacturers in cooperation with the works.

Depth and transparency

Polchem wood industry are designing everything in his mind. The typical dark spots, with high levels of brightness and depth that we make possible to design products.



It is very important to have the right to stick. Usually, you need more than one coat of antique furniture that can affect negatively the final result and snapping. Polchem always this topic demonstrates great care to do tests on products.


Yellowing resistance

Light or dark environments consisting of differences in shades of colour are not guaranteed. Polchem R&D Laboratories to yellowing transparent and excellent resistance to lacquer composition products and continues to develop products that provide ease of use.

Ease of use

Artistic furnishings are traditionally crafted products and therefore has been characterized for your furniture simplistic Polchem applied to products. Thus, in the name of a high level of quality and reduce costs, we offer a unique approach to service.


New solutions for existing application systems

Polchem, the current application systems can adapt perfectly with innovative products.

Our products include yellowing, in terms of transparency and durability while providing optimum performance levels, water-based paint solvent emissions released into the atmosphere will download the minimum range.