Aytex Green Solvent Based Varnished Wood Protector

Special micro fine pigment produced with transparencies, silk dull looking lacquered wood coating. Thixotropic, does not drip. All kinds of weatherproof and resistant to U.V. rays. Provides full protection (Colorless varnish, U.V. protection for colored varnish is recommended together with). Scott. Saves wood water resistant. Prevents the formation of moisture. Protect yourself against harmful organic organic formations. With the Aytex impregnated wood in accordance with the instructions of the application on the ground that, when applied properly and stable wood surfaces for years maintenance free. Without breaking the natural appearance of the wood, decorative, provides an aesthetic appearance.


Aytex Blue Water Based Lacquered Wood Protector

Water based, all types of Interior and exterior wood surfaces suitable for varnished wood coating. All kinds of weather conditions and U.V. Rays resistant, provides full protection. (Colorless varnish U.V. protection does not have to.) Penetrates the surface. Saves wood water resistant. Always A Rapid. Low odour. Dries quickly. Scott. Does not contain toxic substances.

For indoor and outdoor panels, doors, Windows, pergolas, roof edges every kind of wood applied to the surface. Solid Wood Flooring and furniture used as colorants.