The Solvent and water based varnished wood coate.


Thixotropic. Always A Rapid. All kinds of weather conditions and U.V. rays resistant. Scott. Wood gives the property of water. Prevents the formation of moisture. Protects against harmful organic formations. Without breaking the natural appearance of the wood, decorative, provides an aesthetic appearance.


  • AYTEX Green
  • AYTEX Blue

Polchem traditional wood flooring offers a complete range of products for the protection. In addition to special products; Fillers, fire retardant products serves a wide area such as.

Roll with natural drying method is the implementation for the traditional products as well as innovative waterborne U.V. applications also includes. These products, along with the long wait times, drying technology, U.V. by eliminating immediately after you applied is designed to meet the need on the ground.

The implementation of the traditional wooden protective internal environment volatile organic components will affect the health of the person with the results could give birth. Polchem from here, to protect the environment and improve the quality of the air in the Interior in order to NMP free, high solids content and is developing its products with two component filler.