The term “complementary furnishings” takes in a large variety of products (tables, chairs, turned pieces, baseboards, borders, etc.); to differentiate them from the rest of the interior design of which they form part, Polchem Group has come up with an extensive array of special effects conceived specifically for complementary furnishings.


Along with special effects that have a soft touch Polchem products you can make your products more attractive.


Chemical/physical resistance

Polchem products are excellent chemical and physical resistance, high strength, especially with high tech products developed for this market saving products.



Ladder, table, skirting and Chair are exposed to sudden shocks, such as the protection of the basic product is a requirement. All our products pass the test of adhesion during application and overlap.

Versatile products for all systems

Polchem, a leading furniture manufacturers can be applied to various systems thanks to its partnership with the products it has developed.


Drying time shortening and simplification of

Polchem to meet the needs of customers looking to get a result as the basic directions creates. That shortens the duration of the application, and it facilitates, fast drying rapid products.

Chemical and physical resistance by using low levels of environmental impact, we make possible all requirements.