Wooden doors separating the rooms of the House are considered part of the simple but is now an integral part of the interior design of houses. Minimalist features notable doors manufacturers produced amazing results by different versions are coming out in front of us with. At this point, according to a variety of application methods and Polchem products, unlimited color option with this colorful solutions on the market.

Chemical/physical resistance and dirt

During new product development and formulation, Polchem R&D laboratory technicians will pay particular attention to their intended use and always chemical/physical performance levels as much as possible and successful, with the remarkable aesthetic aspect receives the results. Especially the production of wooden door savers is an important factor in wear and tear. Therefore, our products are tested and tight door group, we provide for your use.


Mechanical resistance

Mechanical resistance to protect the objects an indispensable feature. Therefore Polchem laboratory to confirm the excellent surface resistance of products constantly makes the tests.


Adhesion and stability

Boyutlarındaki with the use of various materials and differences in the physiological movement of the surface it is important to use the appropriate products. Polchem technicians makes this evaluation regarding risk and the most appropriate solution.

Versatile products for all systems

Emission level low innovative technology can be adapted to any existing system from the perspective of products.


Reducing emissions

Polchem, the health and safety of employees at work is more important to protect consciousness reduce risks on behalf of monomer free U.V. and water based products.

Polchem's secure, high surface hardness, and smudge resistant water based and U.V. products are manufactured in accordance with the sector specific demands.