Two component, Epoxy resin and polyamide polyamid hardener curing paints, to be applied upon the high fill power, forming the basis for a solid, protective Epoxy based primer with good adhesion. Water, sea water, chemicals and abrasion exposed all kinds of wood, metal and mineral surface priming and high corrosion resistance is used as desired areas lining the anticorrosive. Hair, galvanized and aluminum sticks perfectly on the surface. General industry, machinery manufacturers, metal conservation applications, performance is very good.




Topcoat is a two component, epoxy-polyamine based gloss top coat. Excellent adhesion, high resistance against abrasion and friction, sea water, mineral oils, and many chemical resistant properties are typical of that.


  • 1100 WHITE
  • 7100 GRAY
  • 9000 BLACK




Solvent free epoxy two component, solvent free epoxy resin based, glossy in appearance, coat. Resistance to corrosion and chemicals provides high defence against. A thick layer of the thickness of the film is obtained by applying the highest. A shiny surface appearance. Acid, petroleum products, water and solvent resistant. Corrosion and has a high mechanical strength against impact. In particular, it is suitable for drinking water stores.


Solvent free epoxy Topcoat, especially when faced with the conditions available to suffer chemical all steel and concrete used in the protection of surfaces. Metal and concrete surfaces, with the goal of protecting against chemical and physical effects of an enhanced surface coating system. Fertilizer, acid, paper, sugar and the like in the chemical industry, refineries and petrochemical complex, the scaffolding, bridges, pipelines and treatment facilities that can be used on all surfaces.


Application During:

Air temperature 5°C to 50°C, the temperature of 10°C and 30°C the floor to be implemented include the Relative Humidity must be < 85%


  • 1100 WHITE
  • 7000 GREY


Note: the standard color of our catalogue as well as can be done in the desired color.

Solvent free epoxy resin-based two-component is a self leveling floor coating, transparent. Concrete and metal surface, which is not affected by chemical substances applied, physical and chemical factors, durable, easy to clean, mechanical strength, a high floor coating. Coating surface can be smooth or jagged according to demand. 7-10 mm thick is applied. Each factory warehouse, laboratory, etc. sections, hospitals and businesses such as the baths of the market can be used safely on the ground. Excessive worn concrete floors ideal solution.