Polchem provides solutions to customers in a variety of ways; Technical support, Full consultancy, Product Customization and Efficient Sales Network thanks to tremendous customer satisfaction...




Support and consulting


After sales support, wood protection products play an important role in the industry. In this way, the mutual confidence gained in the domestic market and in export markets, understanding of professional service you can see reflected. Our team of highly qualified staff, technical support, and Polchem R&D specialists, we offer our customers the best in terms of aesthetic/performance results by suggesting innovative, high performance products that makes continuous productivity. Positive feedback is always our high product dealers and end users in collaboration with all the cycle of customer satisfaction as the highest level of reserves.



Sample products


Over the years, the Polchem R&D laboratory product design stages to meet the specific requirements of the customer base is specialized in. It had built over the years experience thanks to Polchem, good impact on shaping the market, product solutions, which follow the trends and provides fast turnaround to customers has become a brand.






Polchem client base an oversupply, comprehensive support services team provides support for continuing education. Growth of the Polchem brand and customer-wide increase in parallel, both manual and employees specifically development of the industrial system, and the application of professional solutions to its customers, creating spaces presents.