Wooden frames and shutters in the range of the best solutions and offer our users the platens. Everyone protecting exterior wood products is a combination of charm, aesthetic and high performance knows how difficult it is to achieve. Polchem products are specifically designed to meet this goal.


Outdoor product groups, avoid minimizing wilting over time water based pigments and U.V. filter and more.

Long lasting beauty

Thanks to innovative tests outer frame and evaluate product performance in the protection of the grille, long-lasting aesthetic and Polchem in maintaining a high level of product range is unique. Polchem products for outdoors systems allowing breathing of wood protector is excellent elasticity and provides high protection against U.V. rays which extends the amount of time the product's durability.


Tested and guaranteed products

Not with the way experimental sampling from the order, long process with other laboratory and practice tests, we offer the use of our products. Polchem products are produced and certified in accordance with international standards organizations by tested and evaluated.

For all systems solutions

Manual application or the blasting with perfect results in every way! Polchem range of products can be developed for each application, designed custom systems.


Application requirements

Polchem products can be applied to any species of wood flooring. Some surfaces can also be done two times on demand application.

Exterior wood protection applications for Polchem's water-based products, especially designed to reduce the environmental impact released into the atmosphere. Water based, supportive, integrated with our products, you can use the Polchem products also reduce the application to minimize wastage.