Sectoral wood furniture in general public buildings, hotels, bars, restaurants, offices and stores for interior solutions serves as a hotel. All activities carried out in this area of the wood interior replaces in the focal point.


Polchem years of experience with prestigious hotels, chain stores, theaters and furniture firms by interior design is the preferred brand for use in.


On behalf of our customers requests to meet also individual customized products and produce.

Polchem products, in terms of satisfying performance and aesthetic results. In addition to our versatile high production capacity, we provide services to customized products we also plays a big role preferred. Chemical/physical performance according to our customers requests is at maximum level, with excellent aesthetic and tactile results always stand behind our products. Designers and practitioners by R&D in our laboratory, we provide ongoing support for the desired result.

Polchem intended product in this area is the processing of operations as soon as the maximum output for high capacity production produces the appropriate products to the techniques.

Polchem years of experience with products for protecting our planet every time serves its customers with.