Polchem, wooden kitchen products offers extensive product option for... Kitchens today next to the original function as a place to socialize more used that is located in the center of modern life, new kitchen, worshipped. Maximum quality and durability in protecting your wood products this is a very important responsibility by moving it, you can see these marks on the products we produce.


Polchem, live color options and with a combination of creativity and delivers high performance.


Polchem products are a nice touch without disturbing the naturalness of the wood with the feeling reveals the simplicity. In addition, water-based colors with great shades you can catch.


Chemical/physical stamina

The House is the most aggressive substances exposed room kitchen. Therefore a strong aesthetic impact Polchem wood protection systems against the contaminant type and is extremely durable.


Mechanical resistance

Kitchen furniture in a critical environment such as a private care used deserve. Optimum surface hardness, resistant to scratches, thermal stress creates a movie with. Therefore Polchem's mechanical resistance requirements of the main international standards compliance with the pops in front of its competitors.


Water based and U.V. brightness

Polchem's continuing product development system, providing very high levels of the chemical/physical performance request, water based and U.V. cycles has led to the creation of.

Polchem is always the right solution to meet individual customer requirements makes it possible. Existing systems up to date with always different technologies to combine loops combined with solutions located in the marketplace.

Polchem has committed since the beginning of the understanding of sustainability in the ecology. Critical areas such as the kitchen, a special focus on the low levels of environmental impact with products that use continues to develop to create. High quality water based and U.V. product range in the industry with its chemical/physical resistance of powerful systems able to fulfill the requirement.