Polchem by following the latest trends in the world, in order to meet the requirements of better quality modern furniture, chemical/physical performance levels is developing high-range of products.


Polchem group after sales with its support for cooperation in the field of application, providing users with new solutions, product development and that satisfies the features expected boutique stands out in the industry with the production. This active approach designers and practitioners offers support for advanced Polchem.

Polchem when developing their products always respectful to the environment, future trends, and have shown their great care to sleep in. Therefore continuous traditional solvent-based products are the same as the chemical/physical consequences have what it takes to achieve the level of development of products with low environmental impact and works for formulation.

The yellowing resistant surfaces

Regardless, it is important that all aspects of functionality. Polchem products for each type of surface scratch-resistant. Both bright and dark conditions color stability with modular system is ideal for those who work.


Blistering limited

Porous wood species increased adoption, has led to the development of specific products. Water-based and solvent-based products are surface defects in terms of rates of moisture provides excellent results and minimizes frizz.



Glossy and U.V. Coating formulation specializes in the Polchem products, water-based traditional or modern offers innovative products to manage the application.


Do not touch its softness,

Polchem R&D laboratories, wood surface treatment on tümahşap to provide for longer highlight the natural beauty of their products and uses advanced technology to a velvety effect. In addition to the aesthetic feel of smooth touch and exceptional durability makes our products unbeatable combination.


The effect of nature

In the design world lately comes with wood most natural form. Polchem R&D laboratories products, surface hardness and chemical/physical resistance can guarantee to offer with the most natural state.

Versatile systems for each product

Polchem's long term experience, customer requirements for each system makes it possible to apply the correct product and. New generation water-based products have been adapted to all the products in this direction.


Reducing drying time and simplification

Polchem by reducing their drying time, ever more exacting and satisfying the market to offer a view of the target continuously growing. Personalized products with higher quality and unique colors in practice amounts to increasing demand provides a versatile and fast.