Hardwood floors are used for colouring, is highly concentrated in the colorants.

High color has the power to give, fast drying, consists of decorative color. Thinner or with water. Thinning rate varies based on the desired color. By mixing different colors together, many color tone can be achieved.

It is a general purpose floor colouring. The purposes of internal use solid wood or veneer is used before the fill on the varnish. It is not recommended to use for outdoor applications.

Plated or solid surfaces, filling before varnish (1:2 to 1:10 ratios depending on desired color darkness) thinner or thinned with water, spray, spray and wipe or dip is applied in the form of. Cellulosic thinner is thin, with the prepared mixture should be applied without waiting. Varnished surfaces should not be used on the filling.