It is characterized by high-quality fill Polyester products. Very easy sanding the primer due to the fact that the next surface finish are very effective brightness.

They are separated into two part.


Air or U.V. drying waxed polyester paints

These products are unsaturated resin based, paraffin wax ilavelidir. This contact with the air on, isolation barrier prevents the formation of paint film by creating, thus provides maximum chemical and mechanical resistance. Waxed polyesters, they create movies with Normal air. But the peroxide catalyst, this is accelerated.


U.V. lamps to dry the paraffin polyester is used for drying and U.V. triggered Light catalysts (photo-Activator) depends on the use. High solid content thanks to the polyester products especially arrangements products as internal and external modern and classic furniture, Cabinet, table surfaces for porous surface, both transparent and colored product is suitable to get in.


If sanding and pure and if appropriate, very brightly coloured or transparent varnish finish, it is possible to achieve.


Non-paraffin polyester coatings

Non-paraffin polyester coatings, are used for high-fill. Parafinsiz be invented sandpaper very easy. Dyeing of in particular ways-format for example picture frame, frame, or mechanically non-coloring is very suitable to possible sanding. Pores are closed with these products obtained the minimum required for thin-layer maximum fill is provided.



  • Transparent waxy lining
  • U.V. Transparent waxy lining
  • Spray for transparent primer
  • Color primer
  • Transparent gloss top coat
  • Colored waxed top coat
  • U.V. glossy/matte colored finish