Sustainability in Aypol


Efforts to reach a higher level in the responsibility approach?



We are dedicated to offer our customers sustainable products and solutions. We are dedicated to offer our customers sustainable products and solutions. For this reason, we integrate sustainability concept into all fields of our business, which will be benefited byu our customers, our employees and by the whole world.




We are committed to protect the health and security of our employees. We have commitments also in environment, by way of operating in line with common basic values, for finding out ways how to increase energy efficiency. Although we are not in a position to stop global issues or dilemmas; but we are determined to apply strong principles to contribute solutions.


Sustainable products

Sustainability is not limited with recyclable products. It also covers finding out new approaches to whatever we deal with. This understanding in mind, we have designed our  own eco-efficiency strategy. Besides, we have put a continuous innovation program into application that uses sustainability devices for assessment of our achievements.


Our people

As a company operating in a community, we believe we can do a lot for the community we aere in. Therefore, Aypol Solvent ve Kimya San. Tic. A.Ş. offers opportunities to our people to create difference. The initiative of ours covers realizing investments and giving support to social aid programs and projects in all over the world.


Our planet

Sustainability has a vital importance for the future of our planet under the increasing threatening of the climate changes and the shortage of raw materials. We are continuously looking for ways to minimize our potential influence on the world and its resources by focusing on material efficiency, climate, and usage of energy and water resources along with keeping the land and water.



We manage and monitor our sustainability performance in all aspects. Our sustainability reports cover various performance values including what we do, what we aim to do, how we measure what we do and how our general sustainability program is to be scaled.