U.V. drying products represents high technology in the paint industry. U.V. lamps made the conclusion in a short time to get there quick drying. Compared with other methods used today most are products that the high production efficiency.


U.V. Coatings

U.V. primers for Reverse roll implementation;

Usually used in flat panel painting lines, this is also drying speed, sanding and transparency changes the characters.


Printed paper sticking to U.V. Primers;

The variety they provide a perfect adhesion of the surface. Search or fast-drying polyester U.V. products: provides high fill Transparent or coloured versions and so perfectly surface is obtained. All sectors and system requirements for Spray application: this product is U.V. lining are particularly good for sanding doors and cupboards and porous properties defined with.


U.V. Topcoats

U.V. top coat for roller application, normally used for the furniture and interior structures. U.V. top coat spray or curtain for the application, different brightness in both transparent and colored in as well.



  • Reverse rolls for an implementation of the transparent primer
  • Color primer
  • Screen fold and spray applications for transparent final layer
  • Roll floor implementations for transparent final layer