Polchem products are wooden windows with years of experience in protecting successful solutions. This experience is particularly water based products along with a wide range of protagonists.


The right solution for the customer, this field contains the knowledge and skills of practitioners from reliable fallbacks are taking continues to develop customized products.

To break the resistance of the light and the wood for many years to protect against external factors; chemical/physical resistance water base, our products have successfully passed all the tests.

Polchem water based paints, automatic spray or brush with a numbing sensation can be applied.


Drying process, can be quick drying at room temperature or in the oven. The nourishment then will become ready for processing.

Water based paints are odourless and contains volatile organic compounds (VOC). Thanks to low-level contents of solvent emissions released into the atmosphere in the ranking is at the lowest level.


Furthermore, this non combustible products, suitable for to be stored. Our products can be diluted with water so it is quite easy to use and the preparation.