Without a doubt, the current design trends and the main feature is a wooden floor. Polchem R&D team to protect your wood floors, the extensive work using your products for a long time, which lets you seamlessly.

With your completed wood abrasion protection system it is possible to U.V. The correct chemical/physical features, lower levels of environmental impact, high efficiency levels can be reached. In this way you can optimize the final result between coats.


For the purpose of controlling the film occurring on wood Polchem of R&D conducted by the team of the laboratory tests; abrasion resistance, wear and tear (water, wine, coffee, alcohol, ammonia, etc.) and offers successful results against cleaning products.


Multi colour applications, discover new shades embellishment on behalf of the Polchem has been a great investment. In order to meet our customers needs great care to create special products, everyday.

Polchem team, all application requirements (for roll, spray, and serial application) is developing a variety of products to cycles.

The completed slab of the solvent and water-based products, for your excellent chemical/physical performance levels of VOC's emission is very low levels of production, we perform. This advantage in terms of quality and aesthetics, as well as providing excellent results with %100 acrylic products, you can achieve more natural views.