Until just a few years ago, mainly used in the construction of wooden roof, now as an important building material to date. Wood developed by research institutes, thanks to new technologies, can be applied in all types of Interior and exterior surfaces. This not only natural materials for the construction of houses at the same time, energy efficiency and durability characteristics also draws attention. Polchem product range, colored or transparent products with wooden houses and offers a wide range of surfaces.

Fast, resilient, flexible and offer a high level of protection. In addition Polchem products are exposed to changes in atmospheric temperature fast exterior wood surfaces, you can easily apply it to refresh their appearance.

Polchem wooden houses and wood protection systems for surfaces by brush, spray, or can be implemented by using automated application systems.

Our range of water-based products, the reduction of the minimum amount of the solvents released into the atmosphere in the count meets the requirements of sustainability.